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there aren’t any other sources aboout it. No statements from politicians, that would be a crime, who is not ignorable.
It isn’t true. It’s pre-referendum propaganda.
oh now we’re soft? Good.
Surely they can’t be this stupid? Hopefully true, would give all the more justification for Iraq to attack.
What? Do you think everyone supports the US proxy in the area? Kurds ought to be crushed by both Syria and Iraq like the commie filth they are.
“commie” lol you threw that word in there just because why not. 😛 You appear to have some 1950s McCarthyism lodged into your brain.
Iraqi Kurdistan government (Mahmoud Barzani) is a classic Turkey-styled creation with capitalist based economy and with conservatism as a political background (and you yourself are probably also a conservative since you like to use words such as “commie filth” so you should have some sympathy towards Barzani, him being your ideological equivalent).
Now if you had used that word for PKK/YPG then it would make more sense but even then it would be a lose term.
Now as for executing ISIS fighters – why the hell not? Wasting time and prison space on em might be a bit unnecessary (since non-Kurd Iraqis also didn’t show much effort in that regard as well).
The one thing you have correct like Turkey they are Salafists and non-secular which you have left out a great many things about them. They were more likely local Turkmen and not your Idea of ISIS , Kurds of Barzani ilk are anti Christian and any other non-Sunni religions. They will even kill Assyrians and any others because they want to ethnically purge the region of non-Kurds.
No, I threw it there because they are, in fact, commies. They even have a red star on the fucking flag, for Christ’s sake. And guess who forms the bulk of their foreign divisions? Volunteers sent by far-left organizations across europe and united states. Antifa brags quite a lot about its foreign division in kurdistan, in fact.
You don’t even have enough insight into the regional politics and state of affairs to tell the difference between Peshmerga and YPG. :o.
One is a Criminal Organization and the other is a Terrorist Organization what not is there to understand as they are both related by blood and almost extremely in similar tactics.
What an incredibly stupid statment.
See you have the typical terrorist supporter Icon can see you as an idiot.
Tell me why are Communists so bad? Time to grow up and smell the roses I think.
Because they’re anti-religion, anti-family, and believe all people are equal (which is a lie). Their economical model is shit that doesn’t function, as USSR proved so nicely, and their social model is what’s killing America right now. Why would you ever like communism?
Jesus Christ was communist, in fact, I consider him the creator of communism.
Then you are, simply put, retarded. I don’t recall him pushing for the abolition of property (if fact, a big chunk of the Bible deals with protection of property, but of course, the only book you ever read was Marx’s Capital), he didn’t advocate killing and systematically opressing adherents of any and all religion, and he definitely wasn’t anti-fmaily. Do everyone a favour and kill yourself.
You are definitely rude and uncouth.You obviously dont remember him multiplying the fish and the loaves to feed the poor people or him whipping the moneychangers or him cursing the pharisees for loving his money too much or saying a rich man wont get in to heaven.etc.
In fact you dont know much about the Bible after all do you?
I wonder if you belong to those new age christian sects where if you are rich then you are the elect and the poor are poor because they are not the elect and no one can help them etc as for equality, jesus knew we are not all equal in our gifts but he said we should try hard to ignore that so that we can become better people.did you forget that or did your happy clappy new age christian pastor neglect to teach you that !
Charity has nothing to do with communism, and neither does the abolition of usury indicate some sort of a socialist system. The catholic church has been one of the greatest contributors of charity in recorded history, and had traditionally reviled usury. Are you going to claim that the Catholic church was communist? You’re laughable – you cherrypick a few instances that you think somehow fit the bill and then proudly declare “X is communism”, oblivious to just how ridiculous you sound. How about the part where communism seeks the dissolution of family unit and abolition of religion? How does that fit with Jesus, huh? Or do you just conveniently “forget” facts that wouldn’t help your current argument? Pathetic.
And no, I don’t belong to any shitty new age christian whatever.
I never said Jesus was against family.i agree with you.what i am saying is that jesus said ” the LOVE of money is the root of all evil”.i never said that having money was saying loving your money more than people is bad.

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