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The Albufeira Strip is bustling with crowded bars, restaurants, shops, tattoo parlours and other incredible and fun venues, packed in next to each other and boasting some colourful, lively neon signs identifying the places from far ahead; the Montechoro Strip is somewhat calmer than the latter, featuring a few different stores and more gardening and green areas.
For those visiting Portugal and the Algarve region in search of some fun and the startling Albufeira nightlife, one suggests you choose the Albufeira Strip as your guiding light throughout the night — literally.
Its popularity has spread amazingly mainly because of holiday makers coming from the UK and Germany, but other nationalities as well, who are always looking for some crazy fun at themed pubs, cheap drinks, and partying all night long.
Most of bar owners at the Albufeira Strip are usually ex-pats and you will definitely make you feel at home straight away while enjoying a drink and a nice, friendly chatter. Make sure you come in at happy hour time to fully enjoy the Strip without spending that much money.
There are a number of wonderful restaurants across the Albufeira Strip and the Montechoro Strip as well, spanning between fancy, internationally-inspired places and laid-back, more cut-rate restaurants. However, the bars will surely leave you wanting to come back for more.
Wild & Co., for instance, is one of the main choices amongst Albufeira holiday makers, boasting a lively indoor environment and a knack for themed parties and events. Its peculiar mix between an Irish Pub and an American saloon gives the Wild & Co. a unique trait that can only be seen in Albufeira nightlife.
Matt’s Bar, Mickey Boons, Patcha Cocktail Bar, Zoo, Sultan Bar, and Cafe del Mar are also other very popular and coveted bars in the Albufeira strip, as well as the Kiss Club, one of the most well-known nightclubs in Albufeira.
If you are travelling with friends or are simply into this kind of nightlife, make sure you get a taste of what it feels like having a good time in the Albufeira Strip.
Vista Isprava Evora Villa, Vagator, North Goa – 4 Bedroom.
Vista Isprava Villa Evora features four beautifully decorated bedrooms, each with unique, hand crafted tiles and heritage furniture.
Vagator – 1.5 kms; Anjuna – 3 kms; Baga – 6 kms; Thalassa Restaurant – 2 kms; Panjim – 18 kms; Airport – 42 kms; Thivim Railway Station – 17 kms .
June 1st to September 30th – INR 35,000.
October 1st to December 21st – INR 60,000.
Villa Evora is open for rented accommodation because the owner truly believes that the best things in life are to be shared. Replete with a lavish kitchen and a study with beige-and-white patterned flooring, Evora is an evocation to luxury.
Our expert team manages the property and handles the rental process for holidaymakers. The upkeep of the house is managed by us, making it so much easier to just bask in this architectural glory. With a lush garden that has a gazebo and a spacious veranda, Villa Evora is a great retreat from bustling city life.
Start off in the garden with your friends and family for a bright brunch where the kids can splash in the pool and the adults can soak up some sun. This villa is perfect for large groups and has ample space for up to 10 guests.
After an afternoon outdoors, move to the living and dining area for a sumptuous meal prepared by our specialty Goan chef. After all, what is Goa without some prawn curry and vindaloo? Take some time here to relax and rejuvenate.Villa Evora features four beautifully decorated bedrooms, each with unique, hand crafted tiles and heritage furniture. Isprava strives to do things differently and one way we do this is to ensure that your luxury villa in Goa has distinctive style that stands out from the rest.After a midday siesta, head back to the pool area for some evening drinks and conversation. The idea is to reconnect and bond with those closest to you, within the privacy of your own home. Everyone has access to bars and restaurants, but a private villa is truly luxurious.
The entire home has been designed to make sure you have the most comfortable and relaxing stay possible. Isprava offers 24-hour service staff, back-up power, WiFi and even cable television. We also offer concierge services on request and have special deals and tie-ups with multiple restaurants, wellness clubs and other services you may be interested in.
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Began after the end of the Franco-Prussian War.
Occurred during the era of "La Belle Epoque"
European Golden Age.
The age of progress and scientific achievements.
Material growth (steel, chemicals, electricity,steam, and petroleum)
Led to markets for the sale new manufactured goods.
new consumer ethic.
average wealth/ increase in standard of living.
better produced and cheaper products.
workers rights/conditions improved.
change in ownership.
greater government intervention.
Trade Unions formed to improve working conditions.

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Cambodian girls driven to prostitution.
Economic hardship is pushing young Cambodian girls into the sex trade while legislation drives the trade underground.
Cambodian sex workers sit on the side walk along a street in Phnom Penh on Dec. 18, 2008. AFP.
PHNOM PENH – The girl from Prey Veng province has worked as a prostitute in the Cambodian capital for five months. Hard times, she said, have brought her here to earn money for her widowed mother and three younger siblings.
“I am unhappy with myself, but I pity my mother. No girl wants to do this horrible work,” the 15-year-old, who asked not to be named, said in an interview as she looked for business near the Suriya Supermarket.
“Sometimes, I get only one client in two or three days. Some clients ask me to have sex without using a condom, but I refuse. I say that if you sleep with me without using condom, I’d rather not take your money.”
Rising living costs are forcing more Cambodian girls under 18 into prostitution in urban areas such as Phnom Penh to support their families in the countryside.
The girls, spotted easily from around 8 p.m. as they scout urban streets and parks for customers, say they lack the education to find other work.
A dangerous trade.
Several Cambodian girls who agreed to be interviewed said they engage in sex work despite its dangers because they cannot afford to quit.
“Clients take me to guesthouses. I get U.S. $10 per night. They gang-rape me and beat me,” another girl, 17, from Svay Rieng province, said.
In February 2008, the Cambodian government began enforcing the new “Law on the Suppression of Human-Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation” after years of U.S. pressure to crack down on sex trafficking.
Human rights groups, however, say the law and its enforcement have made life harder for the women they aim to help.
Prostitutes caught in police raids are made to pay fines of up to U.S. $200 for their release, the 17-year-old girl said.
“They take us to district police headquarters and take our money. If we don’t have the money, we will be kept in custody for two or three days. So we have to run for our lives when we see police approaching us.”
“Police arrest us in the hope that the brothel owners will pay, but if we don’t have anyone to pay for our release we will be sent to one of the nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). It’s o.k. to live at the NGOs, but then our families have nothing to eat,” she said.
“If [the NGOs] want to help me, they should also help my family. Otherwise I can’t quit.”
Lim Mony, program manager for women’s issues at the nonprofit group ADHOC, the Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association, said the number of girls and women involved in sex work is increasing because of higher living costs and the lure of modern luxuries.
“Voluntary sex work by girls on the streets is difficult to define. Many of these girls first were lured and tricked into being sex workers by traffickers. Then, because of that, they began voluntarily selling their bodies. Other women have been voluntarily engaged in prostitution from the start,” she said.
According to Article 35 of Cambodia’s law on “Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation,” the prostitution of children is punishable with a jail sentence of two to five years and a fine of four to 10 million riel (U.S. $1,000 to $2,500).
But Ean Pheara, an assistant at the Phnom Penh-based People Improvement Organization, said impoverished and uneducated children remain among the most vulnerable workers in the sex industry.
This year, he said, the People Improvement Organization – which provides education and vocational training – taught 240 children the skills they will need to avoid being trafficked.
Heng Sithon, deputy director-general of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs General Directorate for Social Development, agreed that anti-trafficking efforts must focus on Cambodia’s youth.
Sithon, whose work with the ministry provides education to rural children and their parents on how to protect themselves from trafficking, said more children and women are subject to trafficking “partly due to the migration of rural women looking for work who then are tricked into working in the sex trade.”
More awareness needed.
ADHOC, along with the Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO), says that despite public awareness campaigns, law enforcement against prostitution and human trafficking remains ineffective.
“Really what [they] should be looking at is, if someone gets into a situation where they are forced [into prostitution] or where they are being severely exploited, how can they remove themselves from that situation and how can they best get the help that they need,” Elaine Pearson, deputy director for Asia at Human Rights Watch, said.
“The basic effect of [enforcing the law] has been to drive the industry further underground. It certainly doesn’t mean that people have stopped selling sex altogether in Cambodia,” Pearson said.
“It’s become more difficult to monitor the conditions inside brothels, and it has made it more difficult for outreach workers . to provide health services, to provide condoms to sex workers, and to provide education services which would actually improve the health and safety in that industry.”

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