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Before I shipped out to Vietnam, I never received any classes, lectures, in services or workshops on Southeast Asian culture and at that age—without a college education—I wasn’t curious or interested.
We were US Marines trained to kill. We weren’t there to study the culture. The only workshop I remember was one on how to avoid getting an STD and how dangerous one strain of syphilis/gonorrhea was in Vietnam.
We were told that if we were careless with a Vietnamese woman, it could be a very painful death sentence from a viral form of an STD that no drugs could cure.
In fact, I didn’t know anyone in my unit who expressed the slightest bit of interest in Vietnam’s culture or history. When we went on five days of R&R during our tour of combat—for example to Hong Kong, Thailand, Okinawa, Japan, or the Philippians—most of us were interested in only one thing: getting drunk and getting laid.
And the hundreds of thousands of US troops who felt the same way were not alone in history.
“According to Beth Bailey and David Farber, during the Second World War a large number of prostitutes in Hawaii, each servicing upward of 100 men a day, made a fiscal killing. Shackjobs, or long-term, paid relationships with women of Hawaiian or Filipino descent were also common among military personnel stationed in Hawaii (as they were later in Vietnam).”
And “during the war in Indochina, U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright and Sunday Times of London correspondent Murray Sayle maintained, independently of one another, that U.S. forces in South Vietnam had turned Saigon into a “brothel”—a reference to the estimated 500,000 Vietnamese prostitutes who served an approximately equal number of GI’s. John Brown University.
“There were 20,000 prostitutes in Thailand in 1957; by 1964, after the United States established seven bases in the country, that number had skyrocketed to 400,000.” Prostitution in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
“At the height of the US presence in the Philippines, for example, more than 60,000 women and children were employed in bars, night clubs and massage parlors around the Subic Bay and Clark Naval bases alone. Estimates of the total numbers of Filipina women and girls engaged in prostitution and other sex-based industries range between 300,000 and 600,000.” – Command and control: the economies of militarized prostitution.
And if you think times have changed, read this: “As recently as 2002, a brothel in Australia closed their doors when a group of 5,500 U.S. Sailors coming back from a war zone stopped off in Australia. From the article: Mary-Anne Kenworthy said she was forced to close the doors of her famous Langtrees brothel for only the third time ever yesterday because her prostitutes were so worn out they could no longer provide a quality service.” Cause of Liberty – Prostitution.
Do you condemn those who sinned—if it was a sin—or is it wrong to send a young virgin off to possibly die for his country while denying him the pleasure of a woman even if a prostitute was his only choice? What do you think?
Lloyd Lofthouse is a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran.
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Same place, same crime: Casper woman arrested for prostitution again.
A Casper woman facing a recent prostitution charge experienced a familiar scenario last week after being arrested in the same place for the sa…
Alleged Pacific Coast prostitute, pimp charged in Casper.
A pair who police described as a Pacific Coast prostitute and her pimp were apprehended in Casper on Thursday afternoon following a sting oper…
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Adults are just older children.
They, on a majorative level understand so little.
People have the freedom to do as they please and this is such an old Bull**** argument.
Are you so blind to not know the politicians that wrote the arbituary law are most likely guilty themselves of utilizing such services?
Do you not realize after all the blackmail that goes on to swing votes is from this very services going back how long?
Personally I do believe it would save more woman that harm them like from rape! For example but since like so many adults not taking responsability for their own actions we’ve given away our fredoms too.
Flippin idiots and socialist cowards of a gang mentality.
You could apply what I’m saying on many issues.
I don’t expect intelligence in responce just rebuttle to protect unjustified Law and Ego’s.
See what happens when you shut down Toyko. Girls just want to have fun.
Why shame on you Panhead and Brutus beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps if you spent more time "Pimping" instead of belittling Casper could have a better looking, younger and more appealing group of "Ladies of the night" that would meet you standards.
Sonny pilcher , owner of "racks" pays his protection money,. plain and simple.
You go out there and you can buy a girl for about $400.00. stay off back page would be my advice. pay yer protection money.
gentilemen, these are someones daughters, By the looks of a few of them meth is playing a larger part of whats going on in their lives. so i hope someone somewhere orders treatment.
Casper cops can’t solve real crimes in Casper but they can sure spend all of their time on Backpage trying to find hookers. These girls probably didn’t pay their protection money.
Is it just me or am I seeing things, anybody that would throw 200 or 300 bucks at that would have to be blind or dead drunk or just dead. Wow uglier than a mud fence in a rain storm.
Nah,you ain’t wrong. mama san numba 10.
They’re all uglier than Nicki Manaj. I say if somebody actually gave these females money for sex then the problem in not the females its the payee!! Let em make some cash!! Then throw the Johns in the clink for being to stupid to know their stupid.. I think stupidity is the only law that should matter!! Makes my skin crawl!! Yuuuuuck.
Is this really a law enforcement priority?
This is a complete waste of time and tax payer dollars. What consenting adults do in their bed and how much they charge for it is no business of the State.
On the contrary,prostitution is illegal in Wyoming,except for politics that is.
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See the Six Johns Cops Are Shaming After Prostitution Solicitation Convictions.
Controversy continues to swirl in many quarters about the law-enforcement approach to prostitution.
Some people feel it’s a victimless crime that police should treat as such rather than wasting resources on what is essentially a moral crusade.
National Johns Day Busts Target Prostitution Clients: Number Nabbed in Denver & Beyond.
Photos: Johns photos from Denver cops’ reverse prostitution stings.
Reader: Prostitution is Illegal Because the Government Doesn’t Profit From It.
Others believe arrests and stings are a worthwhile way to fight human trafficking, disrupt the mistreatment and exploitation of the individuals (mostly women) in the trade, and slow the coarsening of societal values, as long as the authorities don’t ignore the people (usually men) who solicit such services.
Now, the Colorado Springs Police Department has waded into the debate by making examples of six local men who’ve recently been convicted for solicitation of prostitution.
The CSPD has posted booking photos of the sextet on its Facebook page along with a release that touts its Human Trafficking Investigation Team, a unit formed last year “to address an increase in the commercial sex trade in the Pikes Peak area. In their first year, the team made numerous felony and misdemeanor arrests for trafficking related charges such as Pimping, Prostitution and Soliciting for Prostitution.”

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Reports suggest that the act of two men holding hands while walking down the street is not dangerous. Comments or glances, however, are likely. When it comes to places for hangout, Golden and XXL Club are the two venues that welcome members of the third sex. Visitors can turn to Mozaika, an LGBT association in Riga for LGBT tips and advice.
There is only one gay club/sauna that exists in the city, the XXL Sauna.
XXL Sauna – this sauna for gay is a property of the XXL nightclub. It has a steam room, bars, private cabin, Jacuzzi, and dry sauna.
There are a few dance clubs and bars where gays can party and have some fun. Most feature DJs and shows, as well as a dance floor. The gay scene in the city is relatively small, but there are a few friendly clubs that cater to gay clients.
XXL Club – this is a well-known nightclub and disco bar, as well as a gay venue in the country. It features shows and excellent DJs. It has a full bar and dance hall with male go-go dancers.
Gay and Transsexual Prostitution.
There is no information found for both gay and transsexual prostitutes. It is believed, however, that most of the people offering these services advertise or post their services online.
Help improving the Riga Escorts Adult City Guide.
Help improving the guide.
Is something wrong in this guide? If you have suggestions, please let us know!
One of our moderators will update the Riga Adult City Guide and keep on improving the guide for visitors.
Escort Riga – Independent and Agency Escorts in.
Riga was founded in 1201 and is a former Hanseatic League member. Rigas historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, noted for its Art Nouveau/Jugendstil architecture and 19th century wooden architecture. Riga was the European Capital of Culture during 2014, along with Umea in Sweden. Riga hosted the 2006 NATO Summit, the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, the 2006 IIHF Mens World Ice Hockey Championships and the 2013 World Womens Curling Championship. It is home to the European Unions office of European Regulators for Electronic Communications. Riga is served by Riga International Airport, the largest airport in the Baltic states.
Riga is a member of Eurocities, the Union of the Baltic Cities and Union of Capitals of the European Union .
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Riga: The European City of Sex Tourism ? | Latvia Documentary.
In the past few years, Riga, capital of Latvia, has become the new destination for sex tourists. The historic old town centre has been colonized by hostess bars, massage rooms and “welcoming” hostels. Tourism has increased by 50% in the last three years. But residents are angry their capital has become a new El Dorado for drunken groups and that these new breed of tourists have no interest in the culture of their great city.
Sex tourism exists in many countries due to the current economic situation and the lack of real expectatives for a better life. The same happens in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and many other countries of South America (specially where the socialism has the government or they were involved in internal wars promoted by socialism).
“The Eastern European country Latvia may be little known to foreign visitors for its architectural treasures, however it is well known for various nightclubs, alcohol and cheap girls” – one of the biggest European media outlets announced some years ago. “Fly to Riga and back in less than 100 dollars”, “celebrate stag party with your friends”, “order erotic massages in the best lounges of the city” were tempting appeals for many British, Irish, Swedish, Finnish, German and Benelux men.
The State police and Tourism Police were on duty each Friday and Saturday night attempting to catch sex tourists and give them a lesson. They strived to show that Latvia is a civilized country and girls can not be bought for a glass of cocktail here. Unfortunately, the success did not come as fast as they expected. It was supposed that Riga allures foreign visitors mainly with good airline routes and cheap prices. However, the documentary film Riga – the capital of sex tourism” shot by French Producer Company TAC Presse revealed the root of the problem.

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