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On May 7, 2004, as dusk was falling , a plume of black smoke as big and ornery as a Texas twister rose above Los Angeles. And though no one later raved on local talk radio that he’d seen the face of the devil in the ominous cloud, a knowing onlooker in a sufficiently altered state might well have glimpsed the Whore of Babylon, the face of the eternal Rome to which Philip K. Dick referred when he famously wrote: “The Empire never ended.”
The rundown, two-story building at 4516 Hollywood Boulevard, which for 27 years had been the peculiar home of Bishop Stephan A. Hoeller’s Ecclesia Gnostica, was in flames. No one was injured, and the vessels of communion were salvaged, but unbeknownst to most, a landmark of hidden Hollywood had been lost. In this tiny hole-in-the-wall of a chapel, to the streetside accompaniment of bleating horns, sirens and the occasional gunshot, the gnomish and erudite Dr. Hoeller had held forth most every Friday night on subjects ranging from Kabbalah and Sufism to the psychedelic sacraments of Eleusis. And on each Sunday, he’d lighted the incense, donned his vestments and conducted a mass that was Catholic in all but its subtly subversive liturgy, for Hoeller is a Gnostic, and the sole American bishop consecrated by the Duc de Palatine, mysterious bearer of the English Gnostic Transmission.
The word is gnostic (nah-stick), from the Greek gnosis (inner knowledge), and as opposed to agnostics , who claim to know nothing of the divine, Gnostics are privy to a secret both terrible and wondrous. It is a knowledge that has kept them underground for 1,800 years, tarred as heretics by the Christian orthodoxy. It’s hard to say whether or not Cardinal Roger Mahony has ever heard of Stephan Hoeller, but it’s not difficult to imagine that there are nights when he wakes to see a shadow on the wall, an elfin shadow with a Beat Era goatee and a round belly. Gnosticism is the dog that nips at Rome’s heels, the orphaned child tugging at its cuffs, reminding the Church of what — and whom — it left behind. For nearly two millennia, the family secret was safely in the crypt, but in 1945, as we shall see, the ground shifted, and in the early years of our new century, thanks in some ironic measure to the very mainstream success of The Matrix and The Da Vinci Code, the vault burst open. Stephan Hoeller is the counter-cardinal of an L.A. nobody knows, and until last year’s fire destroyed his church, he was the bishop of Hollywood Boulevard.
In less than one hour, the L.A. outpost of what one Catholic apologist has called “the most dreaded foe the Christian faith has ever confronted” was in ruins. The size and fury of the blaze belied its humble origins, but may have been attributable to what the LAPD suspects was a methamphetamine lab operating in an upstairs apartment. A junkie and her boyfriend had rented the flat for years, and therein lies an irony that would not be lost on Gnostic sensibilities. The fire that gutted Hoeller’s sanctuary was not lit by torch-bearing fundamentalists or commandos employed by Opus Dei, but was the consequence of a modern affliction engendered by the sorrow of being “trapped,” to paraphrase comic icon Howard the Duck, “in a world we never made.”

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Khadija (24) was a senior student at the al-Furat University before IS took over the city in the summer of 2014. The Hisba (IS religious police) accused her once of having committed a Sharia violation, and consequently, she had to attended a Sharia course for a month.
In such dire circumstances, abiding by IS laws is not only frustrating but often unaffordable. Khadija explained via Whatsapp that, during the session, the supervisor ordered all attending women to adhere to the Sharia law dress code, even though the required black robe “costs a lot, up to 15,000 SYP [approximately 30 USD], and most women are unable to buy it, especially if there is more than one woman in the household.”
[Photo: A former IS headquarters in the city of Manbij – Eastern Aleppo countryside – 13-08-2016 (Kamal Sheikho/Syria Untold)].
In addition to IS harassing the residents of Dayr az-Zawr, the people there also suffer from a severe lack in services.
Mariam, who lives in the army-controlled area, said that there is a severe shortage in medicine. “The pharmacies are empty, even cough medicine, diabetes medicine and baby formula are almost out. And if any is available, it’s prohibitively expensive.”
On the other hand, Khadija, who resides in IS territory, said that there is only one open pharmacy where she lives. “Since last summer, residents with heart and eye conditions, and those down with the flu have been suffering from the lack of medication. It is rare to find a specialized doctor or a functioning hospital.”
JFL Director al-Hamad told SyriaUntold that there is a rise in the number of medical cases on both sides of the city, mostly Hepatitis A and B, chronic diseases, malnutrition, and women’s reproductive diseases, especially among expectant and new mothers.
He added that, in the army-controlled areas, “the only functional hospital is the military hospital, which mostly admits wounded soldiers or militia members,” noting that “the Red Crescent clinic provides better medical services,” especially after the Asad governmental hospital was heavily damaged by IS shelling and put out of service by the end of the summer of 2015.
As for IS territories, al-Hamad confirmed that “most of the medical staff has left. There are no specialists there, and it’s rare to find a radiologist or a lab technician at a medical point or clinic.”
Both the army and IS deny civilians free movement from and into their respective areas, as well as out of Dayr az-Zawr altogether. The regime requires anyone wishing to depart via an army plane to have security approvals from the intelligence branches, knowing very well it’s the only way to leave the city. However, Mariam, who wanted to travel to Damascus to visit her family, has been denied this kind of permit.
As for IS, its members interrogate and harass those wishing to leave the city and confiscate documents and properties to stop civilians from leaving. At the end of her interview with SyriaUntold, Khadija said: “My uncle’s family wanted to move to al-Hasakeh, but IS called them in, interrogated them and threatened to confiscate their ID papers as well as their property. They were forced to give up.”
Since mid-January, there have been heated military clashes between IS and regime forces in Dayr az-Zawr, which warns of a cold winter with heated clashes that will only increase the suffering of the blockaded residents.
[Main photo: A man from Dayr az-Zawr sits in the Raj al-Salibi desert at the Syrian-Iraqi border waiting to enter the Al-Hawl camp in al-Hasakah – 25-10-2016 – (Kamal Sheikho/ Syria Untold)].
Pseudonyms have been used for security reasons apart from Jalal al-Hamad. All interviews were carried out in November 2016. ↩

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So anyway, I guess when I first came here I thought that it would be so easy, that I would walk down the streets and bitches would be in heat in for my cock. Haha! boy was I wrong!
My first night out in Seoul I hung out with some other expats in Itaewon. We went to Gecko’s and Wolfhound, and I was really very unimpressed with the talent. Gecko’s reminded me of a white trash bar back home, complete with military tough guys, and bad music. Wolfhound was more like a Euro trash boys club—I was just sorry that I didn’t bring my rugby jersey and alcoholism with me. So looking for a place more “Korean” (in Itaewon its actually kinda hard). Not to knock those places too much, but they really weren’t what I was looking for in a pub. If I wanted to hang out with all guys, I’d join a soccer team. If I wanted to not get laid, I’d go to church. Another night in Itaewon my friend and I went to M1, some ritzy basement wine bar that made me reminiscent of New York. It was complete with the white leather couches, lounge pillows, over priced drinks, and its too hip to be cool dj ‘spinning’ the best dance music his gyopo friend could burn him on a mix CD. If I sound bitter or jaded, or pissed off, or mad, its because I associate M1 with the experience I am about to recall.
So as I sat at the bar in M1 talking to my friend, enjoying a 7,000won Filipino beer, I noticed that there was two pretty Korean girls sitting next to me. They were hard not to notice, they were so hot. One of them, the one sitting closest to me, had legs long as a mile and was proudly displaying them in a short short skirt. She was sitting on her barstool, shaking her head to the music and swaying the long wave of her brown hair. She was dancing in her seat like she could hardly contain herself, just grooving to the music in her own little world. It was a weeknight and there was hardly anyone in the place. So it wasn’t like anyone was really dancing or anything and it wasn’t like there was a real dance floor anyway. So I said, “It’s a shame there’s not a dance floor here, or you’d be able to dance”. I was just being nice, trying to talk to her…but what she said really shocked me.
She looked at her friend, then looked at me with this arrogant, snobbish look, with her nose just slightly up in air she asked, “Umm, do you know us?”
I couldn’t believe the attitude on this little trick. The fuckin’ nerve of her! Thinking she’s so hot that she could blow me off like that. I told my friend and we both cracked up laughing at her and her attitude. It’s something that my friend and I still joke about now. Every so often we’ll just say “Umm, do you know us?” and die laughing. It really was funny that she’d say something like that. I mean really, I was just trying to be nice and strike up a conversation with someone that I’m sharing some space with, but some girls here won’t have that.
I had heard about this element of Korean culture–this insular thinking of Koreans that prohibits them from speaking with strangers. Like in a bar or a club, they have to be introduced by someone that they know, otherwise they won’t talk to you. So yeah, my first attempt at talking to a girl in Korea and I got horribly shot down. Since then, I have managed to successfully chat up women that I just met, but it came with time and patience.
Another time I struck out was in Shinchon (not Shinchon…yeah, that’s what I said Shinchon, not Shinchon–if you live in Seoul you know what I’m talking about, the constant confusion between ?? and ?? which to the Western ear sound very similar). So anyway, I was in Shinchon (the one on the north side of the Han River, the one near Hongdae, and I was in this bar/club that moreso resembles a Canadian’s dream home. I was at this place called Mike’s Cabin. That atmosphere of Mike’s Cabin is more like a truck stop Canadian gay bar. Surprisingly, it’s a good place to meet Korean girls who might be interested in Western guys, that is of course if you can stomach the campy decor and the hordes of other lame ass white guys there sitting at tables drooling over the women. The DJ knows how to DJ and knows how to play a good variety of music from her mp3 collection, which says a lot more than what others in Seoul can do.
So anyway, shortly after the M1 “Umm do you know us?” shoot down, I bucked up and got back on the horse trying not to get knocked down. My friend Andre introduced me to the place. Andre’s a solid dude, he’s been in Korea for something like 5 years and he pretty much knows how the game is done here. Andre started talking to this girl, she was playing foosball with some Pakistani guy. Right after their game finished he grabbed me and said “We’re playing foosball!”
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