Erotic pictures of redhead women

Erotic pictures of redhead women
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Because of “trafficking” legislation/law I do NOT get girls via Contacts anymore !
Bear in mind there are some girls, who instead of being a GoGo girl hooker, decide to ‘jockey’ the Internet, making friends with guys, telling them plausible stories and getting the guys to send them money. Some of these girls are so good at doing this, they have ten or more guys sending them money on a regular basis. Also, the picture of the girl on the Internet is not necessarily the pic of the girl you are writing to. Add to that, the person you are communicating with might be a man using some pretty girls photo to scam you.
So beware of these angles. My guess is 80% are genuine, but watch out for the exceptions : )
I do not have much personal experience via the Internet but know enough to suggest :
1. Make contact only 2/4 weeks before you arrive in Philippines. Otherwise you might be on the receiving end of too many hard luck stories and requests for money. Also, the longer the communication goes the more the girl will think your going to marry her etc. Such girls can be difficult to turn into a bedtime companion and even more difficult to get rid of.
2. Have a number of girls lined up cause sometimes they look very different from the pic on the Internet. Also you only see their face on the internet, what about the body, is she in a wheelchair or what ? How about the vibes ? Any ? She might be flat as a tack when you meet her in person : )
3. Do not tell them you are coming. Simply arrive, then meet number one choice etc, otherwise you’ve got 4/6 girls calling at your Hotel same time : )
4. Flavour right now is : Then there is …. and, popular. Folks also talk about “cherryblossom”. Adultfinder is another one. Think if you searched Google you’ll find plenty of them.
Cialis/Viagra : If you use the stuff and do not have a prescription, rumour has it that Priscilla Pharmacy on the corner of Juan Luna & F. Gonzalez Streets down town, will hand it out to you. UPDATE : Maybe more freely available at most pharmacies nowadays. Priscilla is inconvenient to find, try eg the big Mercury Drug Store at Fuente Osmena (opposite Robinsons) first. Or when in Ayala Mall, go upstairs to small supermarket style pharmacy. They are known to sell without prescription. Not cheap, only cheap in Angeles City, and then without a prescription (Angeles).
Mandaue City has Hookers too –
In “Escape-1” Diaries page, I referred to it as ‘Pirate Bar’.
UPDATE : Liza’s has been on the receiving end of police raids, like so many other places, over time. Apparently they only serve drinks now, NO barfining ? Consequently I do not recommend going all the way out to, difficult to find, Liza’s, until they get back to barfining (if ever).
Update2 : Maybe closed down now.
This is what I wrote before ‘raid’ and possible closure , В mentioned above :
“Location : Manpark Road, Del Pilar Street, Guizo, Mandaue City (Phone 3444 229). Cellphone (Liza, Owner) : 0916 745 5243. Difficult for taxi drivers to find, hence phone number might come in handy. Liza (owner) can talk to your taxi driver on your cellphone and direct him to her place. I do not remember prices but they were not high , more than reasonable, except Ladies Drinks which were P150 each. When I called 30/40 attractive girls, nice atmosphere and cheap beer (Think it was P50 ). They have grope lounge areas and girls are bar fineable, P1500. I would put this place in the top five bars of Cebu City (Actually Mandaue, an extension of Cebu City). Definitely worth visiting. If it was situated anywhere near Viking-Black Hole GoGo strip, the Viking-Black folks would get a run for their money. No pole/gogo dancing at Liza’s but better girls (personal opinion) and better atmosphere. Note : ‘Pirate’ is closed Sundays.
Pirate is the best bar in Mandaue (for me). A well kept secret until I stumbled onto В it : )
Update : Havent been there for a long time, dont know if its gone up or down” : )
Note : There has been a change of ownership and a name change to SK2. Very short, strange name. Taxi drivers still know it as Club Harem. Approx P125 taxi ride to get there. Sundays might be closed (?).
Girls not as good as with previous owners. Even so, maybe worth a trip out there and check for yourself.
Some very brief nudity, only some. В P100 entrance (P200 now ?)В , P100 beer, and P300 ladies drink. Did not see any girl there worth P300 LD. Presume bar fining would be available at silly prices. Currently, basically a pinoy (filipino male) place, and thus be on your best behaviour. I will not be returning, unless I hear standard of girls has improved to something like it was with previous owners.
There are lots of other dingy/sleazy, native style places in Mandaue for hookers. Not so safe as the two mentioned above. Watch your behaviour in these ‘Other’ places, where the hookers are catering for the local filipino boys.
No intention of returning to the following places, hence info might be out of date now :В.

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