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Average Prices – Your Drink .. P80/90 В ; Ladies Drinks, P150/200 , depending on where you are; Bar Fine – P2500/3000 , for LT, which includes everything, and paid before you get out the door, and so you have to make clear what you are paying for, eg Long Time (LT) or Short Time, with both the girl and the mamasan together, before you leave the bar, to avoid ‘misunderstandings’ later on. Update : Bar fine is currently paid to the girl , outside the bar.В Angeles City has a much much bigger selection of girls, much bigger and P1500/1800, В and up to P3000 bar fines in some cases … everything included. Angeles City for GoGo Bar/Dance Show Place action, not Cebu City. Read Angeles page , especially re Bar Raids (Cebu has them sometimes too).
Paying up front has its dangers of course. The girl knows she has got the money already and thus her performance might be lacking. Pays to spend some time with the girl beforehand back at bar and check her out. Cebu has a not so great reputation for girls doing a runner after only one shot. Doesn’t happen every time, but can happen. If she thinks your a newbie she might try it (runner).
The currency quoted on this website is the Filipino Pesos. For conversion to your local currency refer to :
Suggest you start at the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church) GoGo area in Gen Maxillom Ave (aka Mango Ave) :
To get there just say “Vikings Bar Mango Ave” to taxi driver.
There is a standout Church with tall spires called, ‘Iglesia Ni Cristo’ in Gen Maxillon Ave (aka Mango Ave). If you were standing on the same side as the Church and look across the road you will find in following order (can change without notice) :В Left to right … Viking Mango, BG’s, Eric the Red, Planet X, and finally “Sisters”. Now, standing on Viking side of the road and looking across to the other side, you will find, left to right : Jaberwocky (formerly called Pussycats), Dimples (currently … forget , no good)В , Love City and Papillon.
NOTE : These kinds of places fall in an out of favour, on a regular basis. Suggest you pop your head inside the door and have a quick peep. Only step inside and buy a drink if you like what you see. Think your more likely to like the bars on the Vikings side of the road.
Vikings aka Midnight Sun Bar for hookers ‘n lookers :
Located in Mango Ave, On the opposite side of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church. Reports about this place vary a lot. One thing is consistent there are usually some ‘honeys’ here. Some say back home in the hotel room the girls are not value. That would not surprise me, knowing who is controlling the business. Quite often experienced punters go there perv on the bodies and lively atmosphere but do not bar fine. Have a look and see what you think. Possibly the better looking bodies reside here, day in day out. Very subjective though, your honey might be waiting for you elsewhere.
Prices, see above ‘Average Prices’. Waitresses in Vikings BarFine for P3000, nothing less. Other girls standard price (see above) Before placing money down make sure it is for all night. Confirm this with Mama-san in presence of girl, if possible. Ladies Drinks are P150/200 nowadays. Make sure a girl does not order a ‘double’ (P300/400). Watch your chits/bills and make sure there are no ‘misunderstandings’ before you bar fine the girl. Same applies to all other GoGo’s listed here.
Overall, I suspect this is now rated as one of the better GoGo Bars in town for a drink and perv. For take out and all night performance, that could be a different matter. Cebu gogo girls can be ‘cheats’ (do runners after 1 pop). But at same time, I have also heard good reports about Vikings girls performance, suppose it depends on how you go about it, or В if your “hansum” or not : )
If she stays all night, you know your hansum : )
BG Bikini Bar, also for Hookers В (next to Viking Mango Bar .. Vikings) :
BG Bikini Bar next to Vikings В : Supposedly newer girls, same owner. Waitresses in BG Bikini BarFine for P3000, nothing less. Other girls standard price (see above ‘average prices’) One should check both of these out, even if only for a few mins. Check them out before any other bars. Good gogo bars not easy to find in Cebu City. Angeles City for that : )
Next to BG is “Eric the Red” GoGo bar. Think owned by Vikings owner…. Waitresses in Erik the Red, BarFine for P3000, nothing less. Other girls standard price (see above ‘average prices’)
“Planet X” Bar (formerly Hot Rod Bar). Large bar. New owner etc. Worth a 1 beer survey at least. You might like it.
Then “Sisters” GoGo Bar, next to Planet X Bar. Receiving negative publicity about it. Girls pushy for LD’s (Ladies Drinks). Even so, worth a peep in the door, you never know, negative В info might not be correct etc В : )
Check this side of Mango Ave out first. It’s the happening side. Start with Vikings, then head towards “Sisters” buying one drink in each, then backtrack to the one you like, take a hot hooker, bang her brains out all night : ) PS : They dont have many brains, so that’s easy : )

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