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Only during the brief period (1402-1413) of problems in the Turkish state did the Ottomans slow their enslavement but following 1413, taking slaves returned with a vengeance. (Angelov p 490). Eg 7,000 from Thessalonika in 1430 (Bulgaru p 567) In 1438, 60,000 Serbs were enslaved and taken to Anatolia (Sookhdeo p 268). Sources suggest that in the few years between 1436-1442, some 400,000 people were seized in the Balkans. Many of the captives died in forced marches towards Anatolia (Turkey) (Sookhdeo p 268). Contemporary chronicles note that the Ottomans reduced masses of the inhabitants of Greece, Romania, and the Balkans to slavery eg from Moree (1460)-70,000 and T ransylvania (1438) – 60,000-70,000 and 300,000-600,000 from Hungary and 10,000 from Mytilene/Mitilini on Lesbos island (1462) (Bulgaru p 567) and so it continued (see timeline part H)!
The vicious destruction of Constantinople in 1453 shows the religious zeal of the Muslims, their hatred of Christians, massacres, destruction and pillage and of course, the enslavement of 50,000-60,000 people! (see part H for details.
Slave trading centres existed in many areas eg the Turkish state (Adrianople/Edirne) and Balkan Peninsula, Crete, Cyprus, Catalogna, Syria and Italy eg Ancona . Slaves were shackled, marched and any lagging behind were killed (Bulgaru p 568)
Lovely boys and girls plus gold and silver objects were shared around as gifts between the sultan and high-ranking civil and military dignitaries (Angelov p 489) Handsome and strong boy slaves were also sent to the barracks to become ‘janissaries.’
“there one could find carefully selected boys and girls, with beautiful faces, sweet young boys and girls who shone more brightly than the sun. To what nations did they belong? They were Byzantines, Serbs, Walachians, Albanians, Hungarians, Saxons, Bulgarians, and Latins. Each of them sang songs in his own language, although reluctantly. He himself (the sultan) unceasingly gave himself over to pleasure, to the point of exhaustion, by indulging in debauchery with these boys and girls” (Angelov p 489, Bulgaru p567)
Remember, Mohammad took the pretty girls for himself and to share out to friends (see parts A, B in this series)
Most slaves laboured-farm work, building, rebuilding, digging, or they entertained or cleaned or served or provided a sexual service –they did everything while their Muslim rulers totally exploited them.
Endless violence : A letter from Pope Eugene IV dated 1442 notes the Tu rkish conquest of Thrace, Macedonia, Illyria, Albania, Bulgaria, Slavonia and the taking of slaves who were bound in chains, and killed along the way if they could nolonger walk (Angelov p 491)
Show me just what Mohammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached . god is not pleased by blood- and not acting reasonably is contrary to god’s nature. Faith is born of the soul, not of the body. Whoever would lead someone to faith needs the ability to speak well and to reason properly, without violence and threats. to convince a reasonable soul, one does not need a strong arm, or weapons of any kind, or any means of threatening a person with death. .(Sookhdeo p 256)
Remember the Muslim violence when Pope Benedict XVI quoted this in a lecture on the relationship between reason and faith, 12/9/2006, Germany. I defy anyone to show me a ‘prophet’ more perverted, sadistic, violent, misogynist, racist or intolerant than Mohammad who slaughtered any who defied him or wanted to leave.
In true Islamic fashion, beheadings were also popular with the Muslim Turks:
In 1396, the Ottoman sultan Bayezid I defeated a force of largely French Christian knights at Nicopolis (Bulgaria) and ordered that the 3000 who surrendered be decapitated:
“The next morning they were paraded before him, naked and in groups of 3 or 4. The mass beheadings began early in the morning and continued through the day”.(Sookhdeo p 158)
In 1499 Sultan Bayezid II after his conquer of Methone (Greece) ordered :
‘the execution of all those who were 10 years or older; and so it happened. They gathered their heads and bodies, put them together, and built a big tower outside the city, which can still be seen nowadays” (Chronicle cited in Bostom p 619)
No, he wasn’t just copying his earlier namesake, both were following the Koran! The Koran sanctions the beheading/throat slitting of infidels eg suras 47.4 (smite their necks) and 8.12 (smite over their necks)
And who can forget that great tale of Mohammad beheading all the males with pubic hair (700-900) (nd one woman) from the last Jewish tribe in Medina after they surrendered to him for the crime of remaining neutral in a battle; plus the usual enslavement of women and children, taking of concubines and property (Ishaq p 464-466).
Armenians were beheaded in the 1894-96 massacres (Bostom p 671).
Religiously sanctified beheading and throat slitting is big in Islam even today! Beheading occurs in the Islamic world now eg Saudi Arabia – where some 121 were beheaded in 2000, 75 in 2001, 50 in 2003 etc (Sookhdeo p 158); hostages have been beheaded and beheadings have also occurred in the west thanks to our Muslim immigrants.

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