Wet Feet Roulette #19 [LIVESQUIRT EU]

Wet Feet Roulette #19 [LIVESQUIRT EU]
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Again, thank you very much.
Thanks for those nice words! I hope you will come back later to have more good time! ??
awesome post. wish i’d found it for the first time i went there in 2014. its so dead on. hope you get many thanks from those who need it most! tony.
Great comment and advice Jaey.
I have screwed up so many times getting carried away chatting to girls and not sorting out the price and whether she is willing to so long time for example. A real downer.
Points 3, 5 and 8 are spot on in my experience.
– Don’t get carried away always chasing the youngest and prettiest girl in the bar. Too many of them are spoiled brats and are sacks of rice/starfish in bed. The girls that have really blown me away with an amazing time have usually been the ones with strong personalities and often older in their 30s. Some of these less obviously immediately attractive girls I will never forget and my heart rate starts accelerating every time I think back on the time I have spent with them! Wow! The hottest girl by far I have ever picked up from a bar was 34. The best in bed (an absolute demon) was 24 but quite plain and covered with scars from a motorbike crash. I had great rapport with both these girls. Now I always go for the girls I can get on with well.
Building rapport and treating the girls with respect is essential and anything else is not on. My Golden Rule is that I never cross the girl’s boundaries. I have asked many of these girls about their experiences and overall they don’t like working in the bars and they are afraid. There are a lot of bad men out there who might be nice in the bar but they think they own the girl and once in the bedroom some bad stuff happens. If you are one of the guys who is kind, respectful, friendly, fun, clean, shows them a good time and affectionate the girls will feel safe and you will get the best from them.
I really like point 3. Never seen anyone else make this point before but I strongly agree with it. Building a rapport with a girl in a particular bar only to waltz in a couple of days later, ignore her and go for another girl is rude and hurtful. Some girls might not mind but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing this. The girls have feelings and have a tough life. Most of them that I have talked to are uneducated single mothers from poor families who just cannot earn enough in regular jobs to pay the bills so they risk the bar work. Unless they have done some wrong to you they deserve respect.
I would say that the guys who moan about how bad the bar girls are and how poor the service are the guys who treat them like dirt.
Great stories, and I totally agree with the older chicks vs younger, hottest chicks point. All my points I mentioned in my original comment (not sure why my pic changed but hey) come from personal experience.
I banged bargirls age between 19-40 and one of my best bargirls with gfe was 38, considerably older than I was at the time (25). She worked in the Simon complex on Walking st. She had a tiny, athletic body (like a girl in her early 20s back home) with long black hair. I was even more amazed that she had a stunning 18 year old daughter! (But unfortunately never got to hook up with her so never got the mother/daughter fantasy!). She was the dictionary definition of milf. She looked like an Asian Nikki Daniels and was an absolute animal in bed. She literally let me do anything in the sack and multiple times per night. She wouldn’t let me sleep! She became one of my regular booty calls, often coming to stay with me for free, only wanting me to get her some food or pay for her taxi home. We had a great rapport together and saw each other, friends with benefits for a few months. She ended up marrying a German guy my dad’s age and moving there. Lucky sod.
I unfortunately did the bar butterfly in point 4 and rice-bag-sin bin in point 5 at once!. One of my favourite beer bars in Pattaya had a tattood girlcalled Ice who kept hitting on me every time I went in. She was cool and fairly hot but I just didn’t feel it with her immediately. But there was one girl who worked there who was incredible, perfect shape, long curly hair and big boobies. She looked like a model. Only problem was she had resting bitch face. But I was infatuated with her. She was beautiful, easily the hottest girl in the bar. Most of the time she ignored me (actually she never seemed to speak to customers. She seemed too cool for the place but her attitude ony made her sexier and more “unobtainable”. I was like spider in a web, totally fancied her. I finally talked with her and she seemed nice. Her name was Jo and she was 20. Ended up barfining her for long time and going back to my hotel. Massive disappointment. Finished showering and stayed covered with a towel till she was in bed, gave one round of mediocre starfish sex, insisted she was tired and wanted to sleep, another round of dull starfish sex in the morning and that was it. Afterwards layed in bed talking with her about her colleagues in bar, she says “Ice really likes you, you should take her out sometime”.. I asked “are you sure?” and she said yes. Thought it was a bit unusual but fair enough. Chatted with Jo a bit on Line over the next week but nothing too interesting, she was slow to reply and often gave 1 word answers when she did. Went back to the bar the following weekend and Jo totally blanked me. She was busy gossiping with a colleague and didn’t even acknowledge me. Said hi to her and she said “oh hi” then continued gossiping. No idea why she was being like this but thought whatever. Got my beer and sat down thinking me might come and join me but she didn’t, she sat with some rowdy English lads, laughing and joking with them. “Fk her” I thought. Then Ice the tattood girl comes to me and asks me whats wrong so I tell her. She feels sorry for me and we chat a bit. Then she offers to make me “feel better”. So I barfine her. As I’m leaving, Jo looks over, scowls and says “oh you go with her now? Ok, you go, goodbye!”. Wanted to argue and say she had ignored me all night but thought it wasn’t worth it. Get back to hotel and Ice bangs like a barnhouse door in a hurricane, all night long.

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