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The trial is being held before Jefferson Circuit Judge Stephen Wallace.
Deputy Jefferson County District Attorney Ashley Patterson told jurors that Radney was in the business of selling sex through Backpage, which is a classified ad website that includes an adult section for people seeking escorts and other such services.
Doutly moved into Radney’s house and began to have sex with men for money in the basement Radney had set up for the sex acts, Patterson said. Other women also were recruited to have sex with “Johns” at the house.
After about two months, Doutly was elevated to the position of house woman and began a relationship with Radney, Patterson said. Besides taking care of household chores, Doutly helped look for other women on Backpage and drove around the streets with Radney looking for other women to recruit, she said.
Doutly and Radney argued in the days before Radney was killed, Patterson said. At one point, Doutly told a few people that “I’ll leave his old ass stinking in that house” in the days before the stabbing, she said. Radney also told her he was kicking her out of the house, she said.
While watching TV, Doutly struck Radney with a frying pan before stabbing him 21 times in the head, neck and chest, Patterson said.
After the stabbing Doutly called one of the men she met for sex, Patterson said. That man got her out of the house and then went back inside and set the house ablaze, she said.
Defense attorney Darryl Bender, however, told jurors Doutly stabbed Radney in self-defense to protect her and her 4-year-old son from an abusive man.
Bender told jurors that Doutly was coerced by Radney into having sex for money as many as 20 to 25 times a day.
Doutly was a single, 22-year-old mother, who had no income and no family in the area for support, Bender said. She was living on food stamps in a rent subsidized apartment, but was about to be evicted after it was learned she was making money through Backpage, he said.
Radney was a pimp who would go on Backpage and ride around the streets of Birmingham picking up young girls who were destitute to serve as his prostitutes, Bender said. “She (Doutly) was right down Mr. Radney’s alley,” he said.
At first, Doutly cooked and cleaned in the house, Bender said. After a while Radney told Doutly she was in his debt and was told to begin having sex with men nearly around the clock. “Every dime she made he took from her,” he said.
Radney got Doutly hooked on cocaine to keep her awake so she could have more sex and to keep her dependent on Radney, Bender said. Doutly stayed because she wanted a shelter for her 4-year-old son, he said.
Doutly began holding back tips she would receive from the men, Bender said.
At one point Doutly took money from a “John” but told Radney the man didn’t pay her, Bender said. Radney hit her and forced her to get a tattoo of Radney’s name across her back to show that he owned her, he said.
The night before she stabbed Radney, she worked 20 tricks and woke up from a nap with Radney holding a knife to her throat, Bender said. She was cut in the incident, he said.
Later she called Radney’s brother to report he had beat her and was threatening to kill her, Bender said. Radney became angered about the call and she went into the kitchen and grabbed a skillet and a knife, he said.
Radney, also armed with a knife, threatened to kill her and her son, Bender said. Doutly ran out of the basement door, but quickly returned after realizing her son was still inside, he said. That’s when she hit Radney with the skillet and then stabbed him as he sat on the couch.
But Bender said Doutly didn’t stab Radney 21 times. The “John” she called to help her later told Doutly that he had “finished him off” before setting the fire, he said.
“In the end, she did what she did for her son,” Bender said.
Defense attorney John Wiley also represents Doutly at the trial.
Deputy Jefferson County District Attorney Kylie Jernigan is prosecuting the case with Patterson.
The journey from courtesan to call girl.
Considered as the world’s oldest profession. Prostitutes existed since the beginning of civilization. According to some historians, the existence of prostitution was first recorded as early as in the Babylonian times. In ancient India, their services were not limited to providing entertainment and physical pleasure to kings, nobles or common man, but they were also used extensively for carrying out honeytrap espionage missions or political assassinations.
In Hindu scriptures like the Puranas, they enjoyed the status of a demigod. Known for their exquisite beauty, quick intelligence and sensuality, Rambha, Urvashi, Tilottama, the apsaras (courtesans) at the king of gods Indra’s court, were revered and celebrated by religious scholars in ancient times. Sadly, in modern India, they are treated as social outcasts and are looked down upon with hatred and disgust.
They also found a respectable place in early Sanskrit literature. In Abhigyan Shakuntalam, poet and dramatist Kalidasa glorified the celestial nymph Menaka’s tragic love for sage Vishwamitra. Another playwright Sudraka celebrated the clandestine affair between an impoverished young noble Charudutta and a wealthy high-class courtesan Vasantsena in his drama Mricchakatika (the story was later adapted into a critically acclaimed Bollywood film Utsav). Even Vatsyayna’s Kamasutra (which is considered as an ultimate guide to human sexual behaviour) greatly stresses on the lives of courtesans in the early centuries of ancient India. The Hindu text dedicates several pages and chapters amplifying the indispensable role played by the courtesans in the society.

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