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ODM leader Raila Odinga has hit back at Nominated MP Isaac Mwaura who claimed his name was forcefully removed from the party’s register.
Raila told the MP on Tuesday that the slot he held belonged to the party and that he needed to give it up.
“Unfortunately Mwaura has found it hard to leave ODM. Jubilee has its own slots. Mwaura is not in ODM,” he told a meeting of persons livings with disabilities at Orange House.
“. We are justified to demand that the seats be given back to ODM.”
The ODM leader said the “prostitutes” (rebels) were given a chance to change their minds but did nothing.
“The ball is no longer in our court but the government’s,” he said. “ODM appointed a committee to listen to all those prostitutes. the committee then recommended. They are no longer members and ate not entitled to represent ODM in parliament.”
The party wrote to the Registrar of Political Parties on the expulsion of Mwaura and nine other rebels following a decision by the National Disciplinary Committee.
Mwaura attacked Raila last Friday saying ODM will not win the presidency as it lacks respect.
He also said Kenyans are tired of a party with double standards and a leader who gives them proverbs instead of concentrating on important issues.
The decision to expel the rebels was made at an ODM governing council meeting on October 31 but some members appealed against it through lawyer Kioko Kilukumi.
Politicians in the list of the 10 expelled from the Orange Party included Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba, Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya and Sirisia MP John Waluke.
The disciplinary committee pardoned Marsabit Governor Ukur Yattani and Igembe Central MP Cyprian Kubai. Some of the politicians apologised to Raila and the party for defecting to JP.
Man jailed a year over male prostitution.
Man profiled his sexual preferences, bizarre servcies over internet.
Dubai: A Filipino salesman has been accused of profiling himself as a male prostitute over the internet and listing his bizarre indecent services and sexual preferences.
While surfing the internet for electronic crimes, an Emirati cyber-policeman discovered that the 30-year-old Filipino salesman, I.Z., had created a personal account profiling himself as a prostitute who was ready to render bizarre sexual services to male clients.
Prosecutors accused I.Z. of working as a male prostitute and encouraging the public to indulge in paid sex with him.
Prosecutors also charged I.Z. and his 39-year-old countryman, E.D., a waiter, with having consensual sodomy.
The Dubai Court of First Instance jailed I.Z. for one year and E.D. for six months.
“I did not work as a male prostitute. My friend, who was deported to Philippines, is the one who posted my name and profile over the internet,” argued I.Z. when he defended himself.
“Did you allow E.D. to have sex with you?” presiding judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi asked the salesman.
“Yes, I did allow him to have sex with me,” replied I.Z. in an affirmative voice.
Meanwhile, according to Wednesday’s judgement, E.D. was sentenced in absentia because he missed the trial.
The cyber-policeman testified that he discovered that I.Z. had promoted himself as a prostitute on a website called www.hourboy.com [site has been blocked].
“In his profile, he listed the type of men that he preferred and listed the special bizarre services that he was capable of rendering to clients for Dh400. He posted his indecent photos and a mobile number for males [only] to contact him. He used a fake name and called himself Jon Sedrick. Police formed an undercover team that set up a plan to arrest the defendant in a sting operation.
“An undercover policeman posed as a male client and agreed to meet the defendant and have sex with him for Dh800 in a five-star hotel in Downtown Dubai. Shortly after the defendant walked into the room, the police raided the room and arrested I.Z. We found in his possession two condoms and seized his mobile phone that contained pornographic material. He said he worked as a prostitute and offered services to men. He also confessed that he offered fully body massage for men only,” claimed the cyber-policeman.
The primary judgement remains subject to appeal within 15 days.
People who want to spent their holidays at the wonderful beaches of Kenya and to go on a safari tour have to decide whether to go to South Coast or North Coast, which simply means south or north of Mombasa. While the South Coast has the nicer beaches and more primordial nature the North Coast around Mombasa and Mtwapa offer much more action and activities.
Mtwapa is a dusty place, about 15 km north of Mombasa and one of the fastest growing communities in Kenya with about 50,000 inhabitants. This is partly due to the lack of modern public transport (tram, metro) in combination with the chaotic traffic in Mombasa and the associated development of urban suburbs to new centres. On the other hand many Europeans settle there and bring development. Mtwapa is known as “the village that never sleeps”. Even long after midnight the pubs are busy frequented and even sellers are in the streets and a lot of people walk around. It is the centre of night life and prostitution in the area of Mombasa. Because of many Europeans building homes for retirement or spending winter time there, the place has become trendy for Kenyans too, and real estate prices and construction activity have risen dramatically.

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The man was given statutory release in July 1994 after serving two-thirds of a 17-year sentence for two counts of rape and two of attempted murder.
In 1982, he picked up a hitchhiker, raped her and shot her in the head. She survived.
He also picked up a woman in downtown Vancouver and stripped and raped her before trying to strangle her. She too survived.
Police have yet to lay any charges in the five murders.
The Vancouver Sun, Thursday, April 17, 1997.
Prostitute’s body found in North Van.
The skeletal remains of a Vancouver prostitute missing for nearly two years have been found on Mount Seymour.
Mary Lidguerre, who was 30 when she went missing in July 1995, was likely killed by someone who picked her up, North Vancouver RCMP Constable Tom Seaman said Wednesday.
He said her remains were found near an area people often use to dump their garbage, a short walk from the road halfway up Mount Seymour.
At the time of her disappearance, Vancouver police said they believed Lidguerre might have been picked up by a serial killer. Police said five prostitutes disappeared in 1995. Three of their bodies were found near Agassiz and Mission.
The Province, Friday, September 26, 1997. Holly Horwood, Staff Reporter.
Accused killer regular client of prostitutes.
Terry Driver was a hyperactive youngster, diagnosed at two with mild brain dysfunction, which meant he had to spend his school years in group-care facilities.
At age 12, he was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder that has tic-like symptoms and obsessive-compulsive aspects, which make him compulsively wash his hands and check doorknobs.
Driver’s thought patterns are also affected, said his lawyer Glen Orris. But Orris stressed yesterday that Drive is fully aware of the impact of his actions.
"I want to be clear on this — we are not leading this evidence to suggest this is a defense or there is a psychiatric defense," said Orris in opening the defense at Driver’s murder trial, in which he has admitted to raping 16-year-old Tanya Smith.
"What he did, he knows is wrong. He knows it’s wrong legally and it’s wrong morally and there’s no issue with that."
The court heard Driver graduated from a career-preparation program in printing at Vancouver Technical secondary and got a job at Abbotsford Printing. He married in 1990 and is the father of two.
Orris said Driver’s "strong sexual impulses" prompted him to regularly use prostitutes when he worked in Vancouver in the early 1980s. (One of the notes given by Driver to police included a news clipping about the 1985 unsolved murder of a Vancouver prostitute).
"He has used hookers on a regular basis . up until this event he has channeled this into socially acceptable ways — but this is not a component of his personality."
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Murdered &Missing Aboriginal Women &Girls Canada.
My Self Julie Jones Durocher & My Husband Harvey Durocher aka: Metchitoweweyin Have compiled this important data from BC we are working on AB/SK/MB/ONT/QB & the Maritime s/ Territories.This is a high profile issue in our Home & we will Continue in our work to gather Data so as to File a Glass Action Lawsuit if we gainer enough support. Watch for my follow up blogs in the very near future.
My sister Shannon Jones was 11 years old when she suddenly gained a lot of weight. I thought it strange and asked the question what is wrong with sissy I was told.
She was evil & Satan had entered into her. February 17, 1954 was the last time I ever seen my sister again She vanished from St Mary’s Residential School In Mission BC, I am sure many more girls vanished and or we murdered also .Many times over the years I went to RCMP, they told me to seek info from Church Diocese. Church told me to contact DIA/DIAND/INAC I I have written them hundreds of letters & my Band has also but to date we know nothing. She my Sister is my driving force to find or find out Why we have so many Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women & Girls throughout our lands,I am writing this blog to help educated on several from across the Land. This is a very emotional time for me to be writing this blog as February 17 2013 it was 54 years since my sister Shannon went missing. I will begin in BC.
Since 1970’s in B.C., there have been Many many unsolved murders of women who either worked in the sex trade or were vulnerable to predators because they used drugs, lived on the street, hitched rides with strangers, or earned their living as exotic dancers. These are the open files:
Turley’s body was found in a wooded area near Squamish. She had been sexually assaulted, beaten and strangled. Police say she was known to them as a Granville Mall “street person” who once worked as a prostitute.
Banman, who worked in the sex trade, was last seen in Nanaimo in the middle of August. Two people picking ferns on an overgrown logging road north of Campbell River discovered Banman’s skeletal remains the following May.
June 8, ’91: Melissa Maureen Nicholson, 17.

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